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Scott Walker: enigmatic pop star and musical innovator

More popular than the Beatles, then a cult hero

Today marks eighty years since Scott Walker was born. With the pop group The Walker Brothers, he achieved great success in 1965 and '66 at the tender age of about 23, with hits such as Make It Easy On Yourself, My Ship Is Comin 'In and The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore. At one point, their international fan club outnumbered the Beatles'.
Scott devoted himself (apart from a brief reunion in 1974) to a solo career. This was characterized by long periods of isolation and radio silence, interspersed with the production of increasingly groundbreaking work, which gradually made him a cult hero among connoisseurs. Well-known pop musicians such as David Bowie and Brian Eno declared themselves indebted to Walker. In 2006, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, produced by Bowie, was released.

Walker's Cancer ascendant gives a sensitive personality. The moon, ruler of Cancer, is not far from Midheaven, which gives this planet a superpersonal and wistful touch. The moon is further in aspect to Saturn, reinforcing this effect. The Moon's placement in the Cancer-related water sign of Pisces further increases sensitivity. The moon phase is that of a contrarian realist: someone who creatively transforms inner conflict into something new for the masses. Striking: he has that moon phase in common with Beatle Paul McCartney.
The planet Venus of sensuality and aesthetics forms an almost exact, relaxing trine with Neptune. This is a well-known aspect that often indicates musical ability.
With both the Black Moon (Lilith) and Jupiter close to the ascendant, Scott Walker's Persona is both charismatic and brooding. The sun in the public seventh house rules the third house in Leo: this also points to communicative charisma – and to a certain self-will. The same third house also contains the pars fortunae (well-being), the north node (life's task) and Chiron (injury and healing). When Walker sings, there is always an element of happiness and sorrow.

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Scott Walker
Scott Walker