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What can I do with my account?

Your account enables you to buy and store Jobhoroscope profiles. You can store an unlimited amount of purchased profiles in pdf and keep them all handy for easy future reference. 

Why do I need to enter a first name and a surname in order to create a profile? Can’t I enter a fictional name?

Names have to be entered in order for you (not for us) to be able to identify the person whose profile you requested. This is especially useful for you if you order more than one profile. But we do not need to know which genuine person is behind the name and birth data you enter. You may use any name you like. The first name and/or surname of any person you’d like to get a profile for (yourself or anybody else) can be fictional. The profile names may also be used for reference in the (highly unlikely) case of download, storage or retrieval issues, in which case you should contact us.

I have not received a confirmation of my account via e-mail

You may have forgotten to click the SAVE button after you created your profile. Have you entered a valid e-mail address? And a reconfirmed password?

Can I order a profile for somebody else? Do I need to disclose his or her real name?

Yes, you are welcome to. And no, see above.

What time do I need to use? Do I need to correct for time zone?

You can use the local time at the applicable place of birth. When calculating the horoscope, our system automatically corrects for the time zone which the place of birth was in. Note: please double-check whether the time zone for your birth place is correct. Our Geonames database for the locations works with IANA time zones: time zones are very differentiated. Unfortunately, there are sometimes deviations. This happens especially during times of war, when there were different zones of occupation, or when national borders were moved. Not all time zones are correctly recorded by the IANA time zones - but a very, very large number is correct. You can correct the time difference (measured in hours difference from Greenwich Time) manually when creating the horoscope if necessary. You can easily adjust it on the entry form.

When typing the place of birth, several options to choose from appear. What should I do?

If you type in the name of the place, the system provides you with one or more autocomplete suggestions. Be careful to choose the right one. There are several places with the same name in different places of the world, sometimes even in the same country. Pick the one which is in the right country and state or county. The dropdown menu will show the country and, if applicable, state or county for each one.

My place of birth is not listed. What should I do?

Very small villages, hamlets or city districts may not be listed as a separate place in the database. Choose the nearest town (a couple of kilometers or miles away) which is. The difference in profile results will be insignificant if the distance is not more than tens of kilometers or miles. It is recommended to use this method.

Alternatively, you can always enter a location manually. Use a service like Google Maps or Wikipedia to find the coordinates of the place (latitude and longitude degrees). Again, as a double-check, look for a larger town nearby and see if the degrees of that place are close to the ones of the location you want to use.

When entering custom location coordinates by hand, proceed as follows. For east longitude locations and for north latitude locations, just add the number of degrees. For west longitude locations, add a minus to the number of degrees you enter. For south latitude locations, add a minus to the number of degrees as well. Examples: Lima in Peru has a south latitude of -12.04318 degrees and a west longitude of -77.02824 degrees. Munich in Germany has a north latitude of 11.57549 degrees and a east longitude of 48.13743 degrees.

I do not know the time of birth. Can I still get a meaningful profile?

No problem. If you enter the birth time as ‘unknown’, our system automatically calculates the time at your specific birthday when the sun was in exact conjunction with the MC (or Midheaven), then uses the rising sign and house positions which applied at that crucial time of day. Your Jobhoroscope profile is then based on these positions. It may not have the accuracy of a profile based on your real time of birth, but it is a very enlightening second-best option. We have included some sample profiles based on this Sun MC calculation on the website and their expressiveness is striking.

I only know the approximate time of birth, but it may well have been two hours earlier or later. What should I do?

In that case, you are better off entering the time of birth as ‘unknown’. Our system will automatically calculate your profile based on the Sun MC method, see above.

I do not identify with all of the elements mentioned in the profile. Why could that be?

It might be that you are not fully aware of your own talents and strengths. In today’s society, with so much pressure from media and peer groups, it is easier than ever to lose track of who you really are and what your real abilities are like.

But it may also be that the birth time is incorrect. A few minutes difference may already change your rising sign and planet positions in the houses, with different interpretations as a result. Even the time on a birth certificate may have been rounded up or down (2 PM instead of the real 1:54 or 2:07 PM). If you have doubts about the accuracy of the time of birth, you may want to use the Sun / MC option (enter: birth time unknown). 

I find the profile contains some contradictory elements. How is that possible?

Welcome to the human race! Most if not all people have diverse, contradictory characteristics, interests and abilities. There is no study or job that will use all of them. And nobody will have a perfect profile for one job and one job alone. Perfection does not exist; more than good enough does. If you feel some of your strengths and interests have no place in the type of job you seem to be cut out for most, consider putting them to work in your spare time, as a hobby or as a side job.

Does the profile indicate the general level of my abilities and my chances of success?

Not directly. The profile is about your relative strengths based on the planetary forces at your time of birth. It does not provide any ranking among peers. Neither does it consider your socio-economic situation (largely defined by, for instance, the part of the world and the country you live in). Obviously, knowing and using your strengths will always increase your professional effectiveness.

Can I actually get a job in the area the profile suggests?

The profile does not consider what the labor market looks like for the jobs that would suit you. You may want to do some research on the general chances the market provides.

Is there a focus on popular job types?

Within reason. Some jobs are all the rage, and everybody wants to get one at some point in time. Other jobs are unpopular, often without clear reason. The planets do not care about the latest career fads; their guidance is timeless in nature and therefore in fairly general terms. We have therefore formulated job characteristics in contemporary, but not overly fashionable terms. Use your imagination to combine your profile elements and match them with present job descriptions, possibly with the help of a career counsellor.

I would like to know whether I’m suited for a very specific job. I do not find it mentioned in the profile. What should I do?

There are thousands of different jobs, so an exhaustive listing is impossible. Use your associative ability to combine profile elements - and you will be able to deduce whether any specific job would suit you. For instance, if you combine great (manual) precision, intellect, an interest in health matters, the ability to work on your own and a certain need for routine, you may be fit to become a dentist. If you have a stable temper, have the ability to lead people, have no problem following procedures and are good at keeping your cool under stress, you may want to consider becoming a pilot. Use the services of a career counsellor to discuss the outcomes of your profile and the match with the detailed requirements of the specific job or study you have in mind.

How does the Jobhoroscope compare to psychological tests?

Most of such tests are largely based on self-report, i.e. on how you view yourself. Our approach does not take that perspective into consideration. Not only do the planets not care about latest career fads, they don’t consider what you do and do not know (or want to know) about yourself. The content of the profile is independent from how the person behind it views him- or herself, which we think is actually one of its valuable features. You might get to know yourself better.

Before buying, how do I know if the profile will give me enough inspiration to help me find the right study or career path?

Have a look at some sample profiles and decide, whether they draw an accurate and inspiring picture of the persons behind. If you were them, would you have benefited from the profile we have prepared on their behalf? And to get a first impression, by all means first get yourself a Light version.

I have some questions about my profile. Can I ask them?

The moderate pricing of the service prohibits us from making resources available for this type of support.

Do you provide personal astrological counselling?

We don’t.