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How it works

First, you create your own account. This is a fully free facility and will only take you seconds. The account just serves to verify that you are an actual person and not a spambot of some kind. Your data (including your e-mail address) will not be forwarded to or used commercially by any third party.

To create an account, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to the Get Yours webpage
  2. Fill out the Create Account form. Your e-mail address will be your user name. When complete, click CREATE. When the info which then appears on display is correct, click SAVE.
  3. Within minutes, you receive a registration message at the e-mail address you just entered. Click to confirm your registration. Your account is now set up and ready to use (you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, again within minutes).

You can now create and order as much Jobhoroscopes as you like: for yourself, for your children, for family and for friends. Just enter the birth date, place of birth and, if available, birth time (yours or from any other person you'd like to select). You don't know the birth time? No problem. Our system automatically calculates the time at the specific birthday when the sun was in exact conjunction with the MC (or Midheaven). It then uses the rising sign and house positions which applied at that crucial time of day. Your Jobhoroscope profile is then based on these positions. 

Your can create and save your Jobhoroscope reports in your secure personal account environment: the Dashboard. You can access this Dashboard at all times via the Get Yours page. Go there, log in with your user name ( = your e-mail address) and go to My Jobhoroscopes. You can retrieve your reports as a pdf document any time you want.

The Dashboard also contains your profile data and options to change them, a feature to change your password and an overview of your orders.

Questions? You're likely to find the answers in the FAQ section.

All clear? Then get your Jobhoroscope now!




Note on entering your place of birth: very small villages, hamlets or city districts may not be listed as a separate place in the database. Choose the nearest town (a couple of kilometers or miles away) which is. The difference in profile results will be insignificant if the distance is not more than tens of kilometers or miles. we recommend you use this method.

Alternatively, you can always enter a location manually. Use a service like Google Maps or Wikipedia to find the coordinates of the place (latitude and longitude degrees). Again, as a double-check, look for a larger town nearby and see if the degrees of that place are close to the ones of the location you want to use.

When entering custom location coordinates by hand, proceed as follows. For east longitude locations and for north latitude locations, just add the number of degrees. For west longitude locations, add a minus to the number of degrees you enter. For south latitude locations, add a minus to the number of degrees as well. Examples: Lima in Peru has a south latitude of -12.04318 degrees and a west longitude of -77.02824 degrees. Munich in Germany has a north latitude of 11.57549 degrees and an east longitude of 48.13743 degrees.