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Le Corbusier: groundbreaking architect

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Aesthete, maverick and ideologist

Le Corbusier (real name: Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris), famous architect and furniture designer, was born today, 134 years ago. His horoscope shows a strong emphasis on the expressive second quadrant, with both the Sun and the Ascendant’s ruler placed in the creative fifth house. The Sun’s position, at 14 degrees Libra, reveals a sensitive aesthete with streaks of brilliance. This quality is further enhanced by a conjunction of the Sun with Uranus, ruler of the midheaven no less, which provides a good deal of quirky self-will for good measure. The innovative house 11 in Aries is ruled by Mars, placed in the fourth house: creative destruction of traditional concepts of housing and living. His moon phase adds a missionary, even ideological zeal.

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